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Whether you’re considering a new path for your career at PNC,
or looking for other ways to make an impact, there’s a role for you here.

Career crossroads

The Career Crossroads series highlights stories from the thousands of PNC employees who move into new roles within PNC every year.

Rachel Hoffman: Energy, Positivity and a Solution-Focused Mindset

For Rachel Hoffman, a product owner in Consumer Banking, attitude is everything in how she approaches her work.

Sandi Vazeen: Listen to Your Grandfather

His advice led Sandi Vazeen, a product advisor III in C&IB, to a fulfilling career in financial services.

Darnell Lewis: Progress Is a Process

Software Engineer Lead Darnell Lewis didn’t let a series of setbacks deter him from growing his career.

Henry Marquiss: Former Sandwich Maker Became a Deal Maker at PNC

From childhood, Henry Marquiss has had effective negotiating skills. Today, they help drive his success leading PNC Supply Chain.

John Chichilla: PNC Is Like Family to Me

Enterprise Technology & Security’s John Chichilla has built a wide range of skills and knowledge here, leading to a fulfilling career.

Dixon Rivera: From Waiter to Banker

Then-restaurant server Dixson Rivera impressed a PNC executive, which led to him eventually becoming a branch manager in New Jersey.

Afifa Zaheer: Welcome the Challenges That Come Your Way

C&IB employee Afifa Zaheer says being uncomfortable can actually lead to career growth.

Jenny Altman: Embrace a Non-Linear Career Path

Digital employee Jenny Altman matches what she enjoys doing with roles at PNC.

Amy Palmer: ‘PNC Is Its Own Galaxy with So Many Opportunities’

Amy Palmer, AMG compliance program specialist, proves that patience and diligence pay off.

Shana Peterson-Sheptak: ‘Be Brave’ When Seeking Opportunities and Feedback

Head of Business Banking Shana Peterson-Sheptak stresses being accountable for one’s career as the key to success.

Samreen Malik: Have a Voice for Yourself

Healthcare Banking’s Samreen Malik uses PNC’s education benefit and EBRGs to grow and develop.

Daniel Morales: ‘Be Proactive to Drive Your Development’

Daniel Morales of Corporate Communications has leveraged transferrable skills to grow his career.

Jennifer Makowski: ‘Hard Work Pays Off’

Jennifer Makowski of Realty Services says it’s critical to put a great deal of energy into your current job, which can lead to future roles.

Brooke Dowe: ‘Play to Your Strengths’

Ohio employee Brooke Dowe shares advice on how to build a successful career.

Rey Ocañas: Leader Believes in the Power of Relationships

Head of Community Development Banking Rey Ocañas focuses on building trust with his team.

Mike Bickers: Focus on Being the Best You Can Be

Detroit and Southeast Michigan Regional President Mike Bickers offers his keys to achieving career success.

Josh Stewart: ‘I Expected to Be at PNC for 6 Months’

…Now, Nearly 20 Years Later…
Pittsburgh employee Josh Stewart shares his long PNC journey from Customer Care Center to Human Resources

Wayne Heard: ‘PNC Was Where I Needed to Be’

Louisville employee Wayne Heard’s transferrable skills brought him from government to financial services

Carol Tercek: Speak Up and Don’t Give Up

Pittsburgh employee Carol Tercek put in the work needed to grow her PNC career.

Theo Shomsky: Commitment to Learning Drives Career Growth

Theo Shomsky, an employee from State College, Pennsylvania, is an iLearn superuser.

Tony Moraga: ‘Follow Your Curiosity’ to Grow Your Career

Tony Moraga, former BBVA USA employee, is passionate about learning and development.

Ada Gardner: Make Yourself Marketable

By owning her development, Atlanta employee Ada Gardner drives her career forward.

James Coleman: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Detroit employee James Coleman’s focus on development drives his career success.


Enjoy where you work. Love where you live.

Whether working from home or in different parts of the country, exploring new roles within PNC can take you to new places.

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Career Advisor

The Career Advisor team is here to help you make the most of your potential within our talent-focused culture. Check out the PNC Career Center in Workday for more information on Career Advisors.

I would recommend that all employees use this service. I am so glad I tried it out because I really feel like I know what to do to advance my career now. I felt so stuck and unsure and this really has helped me get the guidance I needed. I would suggest every employee take this at the 1 year mark. I wish I had.

My career advisor was very knowledgeable in resources available to me. She provided me with some great ideas on how to improve my resume and help it stick out from the competition when recruiters are reviewing it and also brainstorming on what future positions I can look into, in order to land my dream job at PNC. I would gladly work with the career advisors in the future.

This was a great one-stop service to find out more about available tools and how to use them, and get advice on my particular career situation and know there are answers out there.

I would use Career Advisor again because it helped in finding the right places and tools to make my advancement goals more achievable.

I think that the Career Advisor offers a lot to help you develop your career and not to be afraid to move forward in different areas of the bank. They guide you in the right direction.

I thought the overall experience, from start to finish, was very professional, organized and educational. I gained a lot out of it – including being introduced to many tools that were at my fingertips that I didn’t have knowledge of.

It’s a beneficial tool if you are really committed to growth within the organization. I now understand the career path and have options that I did not expect to have.

My career advisor was thorough and showed me details of tools that I was unaware were available to me. She really expanded on the basics and showed me how to get the most out of the available resources.

This is what I needed my whole career. I’ve been here for 6 years and never even knew this service existed. I think everyone should utilize this service!


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s ok to interview for multiple positions.

Amanda M. | Technology Recruiter

Always review your resume to ensure it highlights the skills, competencies, and experience listed in the posting.

Sheila S. | Customer Care Center Recruiter

Always review your resume to ensure it highlights the skills, competencies, and experience listed in the posting.
Sheila S. | Customer Care Center Recruiter


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